Manawatu Challenge Trophies


Laser Engraved Clear Acrylic with 3D printed and concrete cast bases.

The dichotomy between designing a custom object that is cost effective but suitably impressive is always an interesting challenge.

The 3mm clear acrylic was laser engraved and then heat bent at a 30 degree angle to face up towards the viewer and center the weight over the base.

I was originally going to create the bases from solid blocks of MDF, however I thought it might be interesting to try a different approach. One of the key factors in perceiving an object as ‘valuable’ or ‘important’ is its weight (depending on the context that may be extra heavy or light). To try this method out I 3d printed the bases with a cavity that was then filled with concrete. This gives the trophies better stability and also a more sufficient ‘heft’ that belies it’s looks.