3D Printed Guitar


3rd Year University Project. 2013, VUW.

The Harbringer Guitar functional prototype.

This was for a 2013 3rd year university project at the Victoria University of Wellington, where I was studying Industrial design.

The Assignment brief was to create a product or object that involved 3D Printing.

It was a way to get students thinking more deeply about the differences in manufacturing processes and the possibilities of AM technology.

I was playing a lot of electric guitar at the time and so the idea of how to involve 3d printing and guitars wasn't a huge imagination stretch for me.

The core of the guitar was made with traditional crafting methods to maintain resonance and tonality, while the exterior is an interchangeable, interlocking system of 3D printed components. Allowing the player to create any colour or shape of guitar that was desired from a library of designs or completely custom design something unique.

This was printed using FDM technology because of the large scale, low cost and machine availability.