Photo: Weta Workshop, 2017

Photo: Weta Workshop, 2017

rob chesney

FREELANCE industrial designer.

An insatiable curiosity has always been at the heart of what motivates Rob in his love of design and making.  Striving to always improve and learn, he has developed a diverse skill set which allows him a multidisciplinary approach in his design methodology.

With a Bachelor of Design Innovation and years spent working in the fast paced film industry, Rob has the skills and experience to bring ideas into reality.  His products can be found in homes and offices across the globe and his award-winning film work can be seen in blockbuster movies and TV series including Blade Runner 2049 and Thunderbirds are Go.

What is Further Fabrication?

Further Fabrication was born from an overflowing enthusiasm for design and craft. Using the design process to create solutions with a focus on quality, sustainability and integrity.

It’s mission is to create functional and aesthetic pieces by optimizing traditional craftsmanship with digital technologies.